Sam DobrowI love the art of photography and frequently take my camera out on expeditions to see what can be seen (and photographed). My fine art photography presents personal visions of beauty in the world around me. My images are heavily post-processed (rendering images in a style I call “Perceptualism“) emphasizing the effects of light and color on forms, shapes, and textures. Sometimes I tell a story with my photography, other times I present an abstraction of the world that is purely graphic.

It all began in elementary school when my father gave me a Brownie camera. I discovered a new way of seeing the world – through the camera lens. My passion continued to grow in high school as I experimented with black and white photography. I carried my SLR camera everywhere looking for light and shadows that would dramatically change perception when rendered in monochromatic imagery. At the University of Florida, my ideas about photography expanded from traditionalism to avant-garde under the influences of Jerry Uelsmann. As digital cameras began to challenge the paradigm of film photography, I attended classes at The Art Institute of Atlanta to update my skills. Passionately, I continue to study art and fine art photography, further exploring the realm of possibilities that begin with the camera and end with the fine art print. Professionally, I have operated a photography studio and performed all aspects of creative design, direction, and production for commercial fashion catalogs. Currently, my energy is focused on fine art photography and digital post processing to create fine art images that redefine and transcend the visual experience.

If you’re still wanting to know more about me, I have a rather extensive “history” detailed on my blog:

My early days of photography
Early influences
Resurrection from the ashes
Honing my skills
Going Pro
The Digital Artist



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