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ART Habens Magazine Selects Surreality Collection Works for Special Edition

ART Habens Selects Sam Dobrow's photography for feature story.

ART Habens Selects Sam Dobrow’s photography for feature story.

Notice of Selection

I am please to announce that ART Habens magazine will be interviewing me and publishing an 18 page article with several works from the Surreality Collection in their next special issue of art review. I received the following notification today:

Thanks for your interest in the 6th Edition of ART Habens. We have been very impressed with your artistic production and we are glad to inform you that Extraordinary Rendition from McAlpine, Rings of Sintra and Apocalypto have been selected for publication in the next Special edition of ART Habens Art Review.

In particular, we have highly appreciated the way your experimental exploration of the blurry bunday [sic] between experience and imagination challenges the spectatorship’s perceptual parameters, as well as your insightful inquiry into an alternative world establishes deep involvement with the viewers both on the emotional aspect and on the intellectual one. So we’ll be pleased to submit you a personal interview that will be published in the next special issue of our art review.

In addition to the specific curated works, several other works will be showcased in the feature story.

About the 6th Edition of ART Habens Art Review

For the 6th time ART Habens is inviting entries to find the most interesting emerging worldwide artists.

This year’s edition will focus on a recurrent paradox in contemporary art: the vague and ambiguous but thoroughly entrenched boundaries between the different practices of new media.

In particular it will engage with artists dealing with process-driven changes in our society, who pair their observations with new media technologies to produce their art projects: this competition aims to give the impetus and opportunity to artists (painting, fine art photography, video art, mixed media, public art as well as fashion & design and performative arts) to work between the boundaries of Contemporary Art.

About ART Habens

ART Habens aims to engage artists, curators and gallerists in conversation about the role of Art in contemporary society. Inspired by the worldwide art scene, we highlight that art is an essential element in our lives: ART Habens reserves a special place to explore these transformations; first, by acknowledging the energy and effort that goes into the creation of art, and second, by investigating the new life a work takes on as it is transferred from artist to world.

About Sam Dobrow

Sam Dobrow is a contemporary photographic artist who lives and works in the artist’s village of Coconut Grove (Miami), Florida. In the digital darkroom, Sam continues to test the boundaries of photography. All his artwork begins with the camera and evolves into images with intensely beautiful constructs amplified by his emotions and perceptions of the world and its inhabitants. Whether its a street scene, a portrait, or figurative works, Sam captures beauty by presenting subjects shaped with light, framed by strong graphical elements, and emotionally supercharged by the the thoughtful choice of color.

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