New Release: Pappo (20×30)

Cuban Tobacco Farmer

Pappo – Cuban Tobacco Farmer (20×30)

Pappo, a Cuban tobacco farmer near Pinar del Rio describes the various qualities of the tobacco as he rolls a cigar and shares a few with us. Pappo with his laugh and smile captures the warmth of the Cuban people.

Pappo is a 20×30 fine art print face mounted to acrylic and is available in the Art Gallery.

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First Sunset in Havana

First Sunset in Havana

This is my first impression of Havana, Cuba. After arriving and clearing immigration, I was met by a fellow photographer Edin Chavez and our guide. We checked in to our “casa” and then started out for the first photo shoot. We were excited because of the cloudy sky. Havana had been clear for days and this was going to be a spectacular sunset. We headed to Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro on the east side of the bay looking west to watch the sun set behind the Havana skyline. I set up my tripod and shot bracketed exposures for close to an hour. Once back in the digital darkroom I had the tedious task of selecting the various images that would be used to blend the skyline, night lights, clouds, red sunset, and the old fort together to create this image.

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Sonesta Coconut Grove – Miami hosts Champagne Reception for Sam Dobrow Photography

Sonesta Coconut Grove – Miami hosts Champagne Reception for Sam Dobrow Photography on Saturday, February 4, 2017 from 7 PM to 10 PM. Open to the public.

Sonesta Champagne Reception

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Miami Beach Art Deco Weekend: Congress

Miami Beach just celebrated another year of the preservation of the art deco district. Today’s thriving South Beach art deco distrct was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. Since that time, the historic properties have undergone many renovations to update the dilapidated structures while retaining their original architectural characteristics and charm. This photo of the Congress hotel is a classic landmark on Ocean Drive in the center of the art deco district. Once a year, Ocean Drive is closed to traffic for the Art Deco Weekend street fair; its the best time to photograph these iconic buildings without the distractions of vehicular traffic.

If you like this art, check it out in the Art Gallery.

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New Release: Sleeper Cell (20×30)

Sleeper Cell (20x30)

Sleeper Cell (20×30)

Sleeper Cell takes us to an destination on Oceana Drive where “sleeper droids” are glued to their transponders while awaiting instruction from their extraterrestrial handlers. Sleeper Cell captures the energy of Miami’s South Beach Art Deco district with a dreamy surrealism feeling and beautiful warm color tones (green and gold). Sleeper Cell is the latest addition to the South Beach Surreality collection. It is finished as a 20×30 limited edition print on metallic paper, face mounted to optical grade acrylic. Sleeper Cell may be purchased in the Surreality Art Gallery

Factoid: The original photograph was a 20 second exposure intended to blur human movement and capture the setting in crisp detail. Several people were moving around and interacting giving the image life as intended; but something unusual also occurred. When I began processing the image, I realized three people in the setting had sat perfectly still for 20 seconds while staring into their cell phones. It struck me as how odd it was to be dining in this beautiful setting and being totally removed from their surroundings. These people are the sleepers. They are totally mesmerized by their electronic devices as the world passes by. They are the inspiration for the droids who are waiting for further instruction as the invasion begins.

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New Release: Moon Colony (30×50)

Moon Colony (30x50)
This new 30″ x 50″ addition to the South Beach Surreality collection offers us a look at the Colony Hotel on Miami Beach’s Ocean Drive. The image began with a photograph made during the night of Miami Beach’s Art Deco Weekend 2017 festival – a rare opportunity to photograph the art deco architecture without any cars on the street. The photo is a panoramic shot, seamed together from five shots then processed for artistic interpretation inspired by the works of Salvador Dali and Vincent van Gogh.

The limited edition artwork is printed on metallic paper and face mounted on optical grade acrylic and may be purchased in the online gallery.

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Sam Dobrow Now Represented by Saphira and Ventura Gallery NYC

The art of Sam Dobrow is now represented internationally by Saphira and Ventura Gallery under the the New York International Contemporary Art Society. Specific works will be curated by the gallery and presented at four one week long exhibits in their gallery at 4 West 43rd Street, in the heart of New York City just steps away from Times Square and Grand Central Station. Two international shows will be hosted by their partner galleries in cities including Paris, France and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Exhibition dates will be announced in the next few weeks.

About Saphira and Ventura Gallery

The Saphira & Ventura Gallery (S&V Gallery) and the New York International Contemporary Art Society (NYICAS) are non-profit entities established for the purpose of collecting, preserving and disseminating contemporary art. These efforts are employed via participation in internationally recognized exhibitions, fairs, and events; as part of a provocative effort to educate artists while showcasing contemporary artwork with a multicultural perspective.

S&V Gallery hosts gallery spaces around the globe and enjoys strong partnerships with gallerists in Sao Paulo, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, Marbella and London!

S&V Gallery showcases a rich, diverse body of works from a talented group of international artists. It exhibits, promotes, provides consultation, and connects artists with a burgeoning community of “marchands d’Art” and collectors.

About Sam Dobrow

Sam Dobrow is a Miami, Florida based contemporary artist who continues to test the boundaries of photography. All of Sam Dobrow’s artwork begins with the camera and evolves into images with intensely beautiful constructs amplified by his emotion and perceptions of the world and its inhabitants.

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New Store Front, New Artwork, New Coupon

It’s almost New Years Eve. Everyone is looking over their gifts to determine if there is something that was missed on their “must have” list. If art is on your list and you missed the discounts at Spectrum or maybe you just missed Spectrum all together; no need to worry. I’ve added all the images from Faith and Fortitude to the gallery plus new color images from Scotland that debuted at Spectrum. To make your January even sweeter, I’m extending the Spectrum show 10% discount to any orders placed before the end of January PLUS free shipping in the USA. These limited edition prints are made to order so order early for delivery by Valentines Day.

Sunrise over Staffin (20x25)

Sunrise over Staffin (20×25) by Sam Dobrow

The gallery has been redesigned to enhance your experience. The old gallery presented a page of thumbnail images for each collection that would take you to the detail page. It worked but it wasn’t the most engaging experience. Our new store front is literally a walk through the gallery. The design was influenced by the Louvre in Paris. The front door lets you into the Atrium. The Atrium points you into different collections similar to the wings at the Louvre. As you explore the collections they lead you to sub-collections and galleries. Galleries are where you can explore a body of related works and add the ones you like to your Cart. At each collection and gallery, the artwork is presented in a sliding display which you can just sit back and watch or actively navigate. If you know just which gallery you want to visit, use the menu system under Art Gallery to jump to any gallery with a single click. If you want to see a bigger view of the artwork, click the picture in the gallery, go to the details page, and click on the image to view a full screen lightbox. The image is optimized for the screen size on your device.

The store is presented as a gallery not a shopping mall so prices are not displayed in the gallery. If you want to see the price, add it to your cart then go to the cart to view the price along with other costs such as packing and shipping. Its easy to remove items from the Cart so feel free to add as many as you like for comparison. Be sure to use the coupon code NEWYEARS10 to get 10% off regular price and qualify for free shipping in the USA. Coupon expires January 31, 2017.

Quiet Moments of Awe (34x90)

Quiet Moments of Awe (34×90) from the Faith and Fortitude Collection

The Faith and Fortitude Leporello is still 50% off. There are only 19 units remaining. This is a very small edition and no additional units will be produced. Coupon does not apply to the Faith and Fortitude Leporello or other already discounted “on sale” items.

Solstacia (30x60) - samdobrow - fine art - photographyJust released “Solstacia” is a bright colorful panorama in the Surreality Collection. Own it to brighten up your winter doldrums.

Happy New Year to all!

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Just Released: Solstacia

Solstacia (30x60) - samdobrow - fine art - photography

Solstacia (30×60)

Solstacia is that bright tropical place we all want to be during the Winter Solstice. On the shortest day of the year most people are feeling a bit under the weather but in Miami Beach the sun is out and people are merry. This image is my interpretation of the the Winter Solstice in Miami. Its bright, colorful and sunny. This surreal art work evolved from a photograph made on one of Miami’s shortest days. It is a large panorama with lots of detail that gets transformed into a surreal world. Solstacia is an altered reality, a parallel universe, existing alongside our world. Solstacia is a surreal view of Miami Beach’s most prestigious neighborhood walk along the government cut canal South of Fifth street.

Solstacia is a large (20×30) wall piece offered on two different mediums:

  • Acrylic – Archival inks printed on metallic paper and face mounted to optical grade acrylic
  • Metal – Archival inks infused into a white faced sheet of aluminum. Suitable for high humidity locations.
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Strong Interest on Opening Night at Spectrum Miami

Spectrum Miami Opening Night

The Scotland – Faith and Fortitude collection was met with a high level of enthusiasm by collectors at Spectrum Miami’s opening night. The keynote piece “Quiet Moments of Awe” (seen above) drew praise for its beauty and detail. All images were first mastered in color at full resolution then digitally converted to black and white. The black and white conversion added film effects to replicate looks achieved using Kodak’s high resolution, fine grain, Panatomic-X film. The full size black and white images were then reduced in size for table top presentation and printing in the leporello format.

Pricing details:

  • Quiet Moments of Awe (34″ x 90″) acrylic face mounted and float framed as shown above, with Certificate of Authenticity: $7900 (list), $7110 (if ordered during show)
  • Table top gallery leporello (25 mounted, chromogenic prints), leather cover, silver page gilding, and serialized certificate of authenticity presented in acid free archival box: $2500 (list), $1250 (show discount)
  • Individual signed 12″ x 24″ chromogenic print spreads from the collection, unmounted, ready to frame: $500/ea
  • Wall size images available as signed, serialized, limited edition, giclee print with certificate of authenticity in 3 options
    1. rolled in mailer tube – unmounted, unframed
    2. face mounted on acrylic
    3. face mounted on acrylic and float framed.
  • Prices based on size of image.
  • Shipping/crating quoted based on size and shipping destination.
  • Local delivery and installation of large works can be arranged.

Individual works from the Scotland – Faith and Fortitude collection are not currently listed in the online store. Please reference the online preview book and inquire for pricing details.

Use the Order/Inquiry Form below to place an order or inquiry. We will telephone you to confirm your order.

Order / Inquiry Form

* indicates required field

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