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Breaking All The Rules

Photography was once seen as something to be mastered in its purity very much the way pre-impressionist painting was to be mastered to present a perfect rendition of realism. Ansel Adams was revered as the master of photography and his zone system became a standard to measure the perfection of black and white prints. While […]

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A Look into the Creative Process

Sometimes while out with my camera I see things that have great potential but somehow aren’t captivating. I’ll be there looking right at it but there is a distraction, a bad background, a missing element; but still something is there. Something of interest, but it hasn’t really surfaced. So I snap the picture knowing that […]

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Seeing What Could Be – Part II

I’ve visited Flagler College in St. Augustine Florida several times. Every time I walk in the courtyard I find myself at odds with the task of capturing what I experience. The first challenge is to find a way of photographing negative space. The feeling of being enclosed by towering walls looking upward into an open […]

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Seeing What Could Be

You’ve heard the saying “seeing is believing” and that is one reason why purists constrain the creativity of photographers. They think they are preserving the “truth”. The biggest truth in photography is that you and your subject were there and even that can be misleading. The fact is that there is little truth in photography. […]

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What Happened to Beautiful Art?

This is a video about why so much modern art is just so bad, with artist Robert Florczak: For two millennia, great artists set the standard for beauty. Now those standards are gone. Modern art is a competition between the ugly and the twisted; the most shocking wins. What happened? How did the beautiful come […]

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The Truth of Perceptualism in Photographic Art

For several years I have been developing a style of post processing for my images which I call “Perceptualism”. Perceptualism is the expression of how I perceive the experience. I choose to push the contrast, saturation and sharpness to a level of abstraction to emphasize details that typically go unnoticed as we walk on by. […]

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Eye Candy – a photographer’s “gift”

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