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Photo Books

Scotland – Faith and Fortitude is about a harsh land that spawned a culture of hearty endurance, strong faith, and the fortitude to survive. We experience a sense of solitude looking across vast landscapes and historic castles. The stark landscape gives us insight into the generations of people who struggled against the elements to survive. A people who fought to protect their land, honor, and religion. The timeless monochromatic imagery amplifies the feeling of solitude. As we stand looking across miles and miles of undeveloped land, we are able to experience the same visions as the people who came here, fought, conquered, and died for centuries.

South Beach Deco” is a photo book that takes us on a journey through the Art Deco district of Miami Beach, FL. This area of Miami Beach, fondly known as South Beach, is the largest designated historical district in the United States. Strict preservation requirements have resulted in this area, once considered for complete demolition, being restored to its once glorious state of the 1920’s. A walk along Ocean Drive is like a walk back into time. It’s a living movie set where the rich and famous came to play. South Beach Deco inserts you into the movie set with all its glorious nostalgia.

Paris to Marrakech” is a pictorial journey from the modern city of Paris, France across the Iberian peninsula of Spain and Portugal ultimately crossing the Mediterranean Sea into the north African country of Morrocco ultimately concluding in the modern city of Marrakech. Each of these photos tell a story and contrast the cultures of Christian (mostly Catholic) Europe with predominantly Muslim Morocco. Each photo is a snapshot in time, standing by itself in exhibition with a message, as well as lending itself to a complex narrative of different cultures.

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