Phantasm Gallery

surrealistic – voyeuristic fantasy

This collection speaks to the strange ways humans interact with each other when separated by distance but joined by technology. It’s about people who live inside an electronic box and take form with electrons swirling around in a vacuum. Its about the madness of making contact through the window of glass. The paranormal world of this encounter is augmented by our zest for anonymous sex via computers and the Internet. These fantasy encounters are attractive because they are safe. They require no commitments, no physical contact, and no uncomfortable courting. It is about the laws of attraction, flirting, dominance, submission, exhibitionism, and voyeurism.

The “Phantasm” is a surreal, ghostly character seemingly in another world. That world is timeless and without place. The structured frame serves as the window where we peer from our universe into this unworldly world. We are drawn into a cosmic disturbance where a sensual form intermittently takes shape and fades away. She seems distant, unaware and untouchable. Sometimes she seems to be reaching out for help with a wanton desire to touch and be touched. Sometimes she seems to know we are watching but never acknowledges our presence. The erotic loneliness is maddening, foreboding, and yet captivating.

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