Assuage to the Oracle of Knowledge (24×30)


“Assuage to the Oracle of Knowledge” was created from a photograph of a courtyard in the center of Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL. It is my interpretation of the emotional conflicts of coming of age as a college age student. The image is distorted to create a sense that things are melting. An energy field surrounds the fountain orb transforming it into an oracle with life energy. The sky is a cosmic battle of good and evil. Questions about life and death emerge from the oracle and the granite marker in the foreground. A transgendered human stands in awe before the Oracle of Knowledge as the universe starts coming apart. Amongst all the turmoil there is a peace, a calmness, that emanates from the Oracle and fills the garden.

Somehow I feel this describes the experience young people have in this place. It is a place for contemplation. It is a place for students to find peace in their complex lives as they transition from child to adult. It is a purgatory, a place for purification while waiting for the gates of opportunity to open.

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