The Final Outpost (30×45)


“The Final Outpost” is a monochromatic seascape photographed near Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys. An outpost is a remote place, often a defensive location or lookout for dangers. In this scene the outpost has multiple contexts. The tree is initially seen as an outpost looking out to sea as ominous clouds foretell of something unsettling. The trunk of the tree appears almost as a black bolt of lightning coming from the dark cloud above striking the outpost. Then off in the distance a boat is seen heading out to sea and we begin to feel the trepidation of the outpost at sea. One can sense the vulnerability when severe storms approach whether on land or at sea.

The artwork is a 30? x 45? fine art print on metallic paper face mounted on 1/4 inch acrylic.

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