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  • Ice Plant Heist (20x30)
    May 20, 2016

    A Look into the Creative Process

    Sometimes while out with my camera I see things that have great potential but somehow aren't captivating. I'll be there looking right at it but there is a distraction, a bad background, a missing element; but still something is there. Something of interest, but it hasn't really surfaced. So I snap the picture knowing that there is something yet to be discovered; something waiting to be created. I'll share my creative process -- my way of thinking to create something interesting from three pictures that were "almost there". I wanted these images to tell a story; but something was missing. With a little creativity, they will converge into an amazing story. So I see this really cool looking antique truck sitting in the back alley ... Read More
    Assuage to the Oracle of Knowledge
    May 19, 2016

    Seeing What Could Be - Part II

    Making of "Assuage to the Oracle of Knowledge" I've visited Flagler College in St. Augustine Florida several times. Every time I walk in the courtyard I find myself at odds with the task of capturing what I experience. The first challenge is to find a way of photographing negative space. The feeling of being enclosed by towering walls looking upward into an open sky. Then there are the people who casually come and go through this open area. They seem to have a purpose, a calling, a duty to the place. And the light is always difficult with a bright sky and dark recesses in the building. The building seems to suck all the light out of the courtyard. The towering architecture inevitably fades to ... Read More
    Ice Plant, St Augustine
    May 17, 2016

    Seeing What Could Be

    You've heard the saying "seeing is believing" and that is one reason why purists constrain the creativity of photographers. They think they are preserving the "truth". The biggest truth in photography is that you and your subject were there and even that can be misleading. The fact is that there is little truth in photography. Photography is full of partial truths. Each image is an interpretation of truth; its the photographer's perception. Image manipulation from camera to print distorts truth and creates a fiction, a story that is told by the photographer. With the power of digital photography and photo editing software like Photoshop, distortion of the truth is easier than ever before but it is not new. The photojournalism industry created the myth of ... Read More
    Extradition at Park Central (30x42)
    May 13, 2016

    New Release: Extradition at Park Central (30x42)

    Extradition at Park Central (30x42) Printed with Epson archival inks on metallic paper Face mounted on 1/4" optical quality acrylic Unframed with hanging system (framing optional) List: $3555 Extradition at Park Central is based on a new implementation of "Hit at Park Central". The HDR base image was recreated from three exposures of the Park Central Hotel on Ocean Avenue, South Beach, Miami Beach, FL to create smooth color gradients across the entire visual spectrum. The color temperature has also been adjusted from a cool blue to broader spectrum cool tones including magenta, yellow, and greens increasing the surreal perception. Read More
    Clevelander Landing (20' x 30")
    May 10, 2016

    New Release: Clevelander Landing (20" x 30")

    Clevelander Landing (20' x 30") Limited edition print Archival inks on metallic paper Face mounted to optical quality plexiglass hanging system included unframed, float framing available List: $1695 Read More
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