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  • Free Art Basel Miami Tickets to Spectrum
    Aug 20, 2016

    Free Art Basel Miami Week Tickets

    Spectrum Miami is a juried, contemporary art show in the heart of Miami’s Arts & Entertainment District featuring an international slate of artists and galleries. It’s where contemporary meets extraordinary. This year Spectrum shares a huge exhibition space with Red Dot Miami and Art Spot Miami, three of the top shows to see during Art Basel. Hello Friends and fellow Art Collectors, During Art Basel Miami, I will be exhibiting at Spectrum. I am offering free multi-day general admission (Guest Tickets - $75 value) to the Red Dot, Art Spot, and Spectrum Miami exhibits for anyone who would like to see the show and visit my booth (subject to availability). Additionally, I have special access passes for art collectors (Collector Tickets). I ask that ... Read More
    Tonight's Creation (24x24)
    Jun 7, 2016

    New Release: Tonight's Creation (24x24)

    "Tonight's Creation" is printed on metallic paper with archival inks then face mounted on optical quality acrylic to maintain saturated colors and high contrast. Unframed with hanging system. List: $1615 Read More
    Extraordinary Rendition at McAlpine (20x30)
    Jun 5, 2016

    New Release: Extraordinary Rendition from McAlpine (20x30)

    "Extraordinary Rendition from McAlpine" (20x30) is printed on metallic paper and face mounted on optical grade 1/4 inch acrylic for intense color and contrast. Includes a hanging system (unframed) List: $1695 A worm hole mysteriously appears in the sky above Miami Beach and the next minute, you're transported to an alternate universe. Read More
    Rings of Sintra
    Jun 5, 2016

    New Release: Rings of Sintra (20x30)

    "Rings of Sintra" is printed with archival ink on metallic paper then face mounted on 1/4 inch optical grade acrylic. The mounted artwork includes a hanging system (unframed). NASA studies, based on observations from the Hubble Telescope, predict a distant future where our Milky Way galaxy will collide with our closest neighboring galaxy, Andromeda, and merge into a new galaxy. Stars will be slung around and reorganized into a spiral shape galaxy by enormous gravitational fields. Rings of Sintra anticipates an apocalyptic future where these two galaxies are colliding. Read More
    Apocalypto (20x30)
    Jun 4, 2016

    New Release: Apocalypto (20x30)

    "Apocalypto" printed on metallic paper using archival inks and face mounted on optical quality, 1/4 inch acrylic. Complete with hanging system (unframed). Framing options available. Note for the curious: The image of the galaxy was photographed by NASA with the Hubble Telescope. The NASA photograph is not copyrighted and NASA does not endorse its use in a derivative work nor require attribution. Read More
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