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fine art photography

Moon Colony - Fine Art Photography by Sam Dobrow, Miami, Florida Walk of the Donan - Fine Art Photography by Sam Dobrow, Miami, Florida Alexandria of Versailles - Fine Art Photography by Sam Dobrow, Miami, Florida “Touch” Jade Series – Phantasm Collection - Fine Art Photography by Sam Dobrow, Miami, Florida Mia III - Fine Art Photography by Sam Dobrow, Miami, Florida Isle of Skye - Fine Art Photography by Sam Dobrow, Miami, Florida Umbrellas of Riomagiorre - Fine Art Photography by Sam Dobrow, Miami, Florida Enter the Tannery, Fes, Morocco - Fine Art Photography by Sam Dobrow, Miami, Florida Scotland - Faith and Fortitude Collection - Fine Art Photography by Sam Dobrow, Miami, Florida Congress Hotel South Miami Beach Art Deco - Fine Art Photography by Sam Dobrow, Miami, Florida
  • Mar 12, 2018

    Debut of Sam Dobrow's Surreal Art at Confidante Hotel Miami Beach

    The Confidante Hotel on Miami Beach will debut an exhibition of Sam Dobrow's Oceana Series of surreal photographic art. The Oceana series depicts surreal visions of historic landmarks along iconic Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, FL. The collection of nine works, each sized 20" x 30", will be installed in the lobby of the hotel. Sam has previewed several of these works with galleries in New York, Miami, and Paris; however, this is the first time the entire body of work will be publicly exhibited. Several new pieces in the series will be unveiled at the exhibition. Sam will also exhibit fine art photography from his other South Beach collections in the public areas of the Confidante Hotel during the exhibition. The exhibition, open ... Read More
    Feb 12, 2018

    [NSFW] New Additions to the Mystic Collection

    St Andrews Muse (30x45) The Mystic Collection is evolving from figurative works into surreal creations that depict mythological female characters. Recent additions to the Mystic collection stretch the boundaries of photography further than anything I've done to date. I'm not just enhancing color and abstracting images to create a painterly effect. I'm creating an altered reality. Not only are the landscapes transformed into spiritual places but the figures are transformed into icons of feminine beauty. Surreal worlds Although inspired by Jerry Uelsmann, I do not create imaginary objects by combining multiple photographs the way he does. I conjure up imaginary worlds. These imaginary worlds would be better compared to Salvador Dali's worlds where his subjects melt and concepts evade articulation. Symbols tell the story while ... Read More
    Dec 29, 2017

    Eat What You Kill

    "Eat what you kill" is an old saying among sales people. It refers to working in a very competitive environment where you get no support from your team and your survival is based on what ever you can personally produce. It refers to the hunter who leaves for many days to hunt down game but finds enough only to feed himself on the trail. When I visited the Otavalo (Peru) Saturday market this sense of subsistence living took on a rather visual meaning. I observed the indigenous Quechua people from all around the Sacred Valley of the Incas coming to a central market to barter their wares, livestock, and produce. The Quechua people live, for the most part, in a subsistence economy. Some are more ... Read More
    Dec 19, 2017

    Breaking All The Rules

    Photography was once seen as something to be mastered in its purity very much the way pre-impressionist painting was to be mastered to present a perfect rendition of realism. Ansel Adams was revered as the master of photography and his zone system became a standard to measure the perfection of black and white prints. While in high school, I spent much of my time either behind a camera or in the darkroom. The end goal always seemed to center on getting the widest range of tones and learning how to see black and white while looking at colors. I learned to control both my film and print development chemistry to achieve a full dynamic range in my final prints. My early education in photography was ... Read More
    Dec 6, 2017

    Spectrum Miami Opening Night Party Tonight

    Miami's Spectrum Art Show opens tonight at 6PM with a preview party and continues throughout Miami Art Week also know as Art Basel Miami. Sam Dobrow will be exhibiting works from his Surreality Collection in the International Contemporary Art Society (ICAS) booth #115. Sam will be at the booth to greet guests and discuss his artwork. We hope to see you there! Parking in the Spectrum lot is $20 [ MAP ] Beat the traffic. LYFT has special offers for Spectrum Miami 2017 attendees: New User code: LYFTART17 Current User code: ARTRIDE17 Read More
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