Art Gallery – Atrium

Welcome to the Art Gallery Atrium

Welcome to my art gallery. You’re at the entry page, I call it the Atrium. The Atrium is the place you can start your virtual tour of my art work. From here you can explore all my collections as if you were walking through a brick and mortar gallery. My art work is organized in galleries and collections. A gallery is a group of closely related works. A collection is a group of galleries from a large body of work.

Think of a Collection as a wing in a museum leading to several art galleries with related works. Think of a Gallery as a room you walk into that exhibits numerous photographs of a similar style and subject matter. If you like something, just click the green Add To Cart button and your shopping cart will appear at the bottom of the page with all your selections. When you’re ready to check out you can go to the checkout page or simply check out in the cart at the bottom of the page.