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About Eyes on Italy

This 11″ x 13″ 112 page book is much more than a book of fine art photography; it is a work of art itself.

Award winning photographer, Sam Dobrow, paints a visual narrative using his fine art photographs from many of Italy’s most scenic places (Dolomites, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, and Capri). Sam purposely omits a textual narrative other than a one page prologue setting the stage for his photo story. On the surface, the story might be considered a travel log but deeper meanings and narratives are to be discovered inside the book. Careful pairing of images, geometric patterns, leading lines, color palettes, visual content, and contextual relationships are used to construct a visual narrative. Each chapter introduces a different destination and pictorially develops the destination as a major “character” in the story. Sam and his travel partners serve in supporting roles as they intermittently appear to weave the story together. Sam’s story builds excitement as the reader turns each page introducing new scenes working up to a climax with every “hero shot”.

Buy Eyes on Italy

Eyes on Italy is an 11″ x 13″ hard-bound, print on demand book from Blurb. Your options are:

1. Standard Edition. Get it Fast! Best price, buy directly from Blurb. Image wrap cover, standard “perfect” binding, premium luster paper.

Standard Edition: $170 (print on demand costs from Blurb are subject to change). [order here]

2. Signature Edition. Same as Standard Edition but have it signed by Sam. A little extra cost (and time) for book to ship to Sam, be signed, and forward to you.

Signature Edition: $250

Any image in the book may be ordered as a fine art, limited edition print. Contact Sam for special orders and prices.