Zeutropia Gallery

Surreal Fine Art Photography

Surreal Fine Art Photography - Walk of the Donan (30x45)


Surreal Fine Art Photography - We Are Not Alone (30x45)


Surreal Fine Art Photography - Stargate VII (20x54)


Surreal Fine Art Photography - Rings of Sintra (20x30)


Surreal Fine Art Photography - They Walk Amongst Us (30x50)


Surreal Fine Art Photography - Paris Amour (19x24)


Surreal Fine Art Photography - Tonight's Creation (24x24)


Surreal Fine Art Photography - Apocalypto (20x30)


About the Zeutropia Body of Work

Zeutropia is a collection of surreal works of Scotland, Portugal, and France by award winning fine art photographer and digital artist, Sam Dobrow. Colors and textures evoke moods reminiscent of the historical nature of European locations once removed from our world and transformed into an altered reality. Buildings are melted into a dreamlike landscape with human-like creatures inhabiting the altered reality. Sam’s interpretation of Zeutropia might seem like a drug-induced vision of these popular European destinations but it is intended to be much more. Sam’s vision asks us to consider whether there are alternate universes similar to ours. Seemingly misplaced stars symbolize extraterrestrials living among us.

ACP Artist Talk – The Surreality Collection

Watch a thirty minute video of Sam Dobrow speaking about the Surreality Collection at Atlanta Celebrates Photography 2020. Sam explains the inspiration for the collection, the underlying theme of the collection, and symbols within several of his works.

Collector’s Choice Portfolio

Collectors may special order a Collector’s Choice Portfolio of 10 chromogenic prints of their choice for $1000. The Collector’s Choice Portfolio includes a personalized cover and Certificate of Authenticity. The COA lists each print in the portfolio and specifies the name of the collector who curated the portfolio. Prints may be curated from any gallery on the website. Details will be confirmed via email.


Custom Sizes

Please inquire about custom print sizes and check the price estimator for costs.