Submission For World Nomads 2023 Travel Scholarship

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The Story of Patagonia

The omnipresent peaks of Torres del Paine seem to hold a secret power, only to be revealed by their forceful extrusions from the plains that surround them. Something happens here. It is different from elsewhere on the planet. For me, visiting Patagonia was a spiritual experience. I felt as if I had entered into a special place in the universe where gravity had warped the time-space continuum. Time seemed to stand still or at least move on a nonlinear path. I felt as if spirits from the past could walk next to me, reach out, and touch me. I found dogs to greet me from the other side of rainbow bridge. Patagonia is fearsome. She is gentle one moment and deadly the next. These five images can only begin to speak to the beauty, grace, and fury of mother earth and her many moods in Patagonia.