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Planet Earth

I’ve traveled to many interesting places. My camera is my travel partner and we continue to explore our world with an eye for beauty. As I travel, I allow myself to interpret the places we visit with an impressionable mind and a sensitivity to the nature of my surroundings. This first impression may not reflect the true cultural significance of the place as I see it initially as a tourist. Sometimes I return to the same places to obtain a more seasoned perspective. In any case, with the camera I record my visions and perspectives. Back in the digital darkroom, I have time to take those immediate impressions and transform them into moments, moments of beauty and fascination. The Place Collections are more than travel photography, they are experiences of distant places. I hope you enjoy sharing my visions of a beautiful world and its inhabitants. If you find yourself intrigued by one of the places I’ve photographed, dig deep into the galleries and you’ll find the gem you were looking for.