Welcome to the Machine (12×18)


I dedicate this image to Donald Trump’s presidency; his first job.

This is the thing that even Donald Trump did not understand. This is his first job. It is the first time in his life where he is working for a boss (the American people). Donald will have to learn how to work with people. He is not king. There are three branches of government, he directs only one but he is answerable to the other two. There are rules by which he must abide by. There are people who will disagree with him that he can not fire. He is now a prisoner of the “Presidential Bubble”; he goes nowhere without being watched and accompanied by the secret service. He will be expected to get up every morning and read an intelligence briefing. He will be expected to adhere to his physician’s program of exercise and nutrition. His cellphone, Twitter and email accounts will be replaced with secure technologies. He will go nowhere that his chief of staff has not scheduled and cleared with forward logistics by the Secret Service. Trump will salute a soldier every time he gets on and off his airplane. Donald Trump will receive a paycheck and medical benefits from the US Government for the rest of his life. Donald Trump is no longer free to roam the planet like the media mogul and playboy he says he is. He will be chipped like a dog. We own his ass; but he can still do great harm.

We are watching you Donald. Welcome to the machine.

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