Miscellaneous Infrared Photography Gallery

Surreal Visions by Sam Dobrow

Black and White Fine Art Photography - Time of the Egg


Fine Art Photograph - Pathos - At Home


Fine Art Photograph - The Geothermal Area #2 B&W


Fine Art Photograph - The Final Defense


Fine Art Photograph - A Colony of One


Fine Art Photograph - Lichen Colony


Fine Art Photograph - Reflecting Upon Winter


Fine Art Photograph - The Path Less Traveled


Fine Art Photograph - The Final Outpost (30x45)


Classic Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery

The Classic Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery is a tribute to Sam Dobrow’s early days in the darkroom. In addition to recent digital photography, this is where you will find his digitally restored silver gelatin prints dating back to the 1970’s. (More coming as Sam scans and restores his prints.) With the advent of digital photography, Sam developed techniques for converting digital color photographs into black and white prints that follow closely the chemistry and materials he used in the wet darkroom; esp fine grain film (Ilford PanF) and warm tone paper/developers (Ilford Galerie Pearl/Kodak Selectol). The gallery contains photographs of different sizes; some small and some large. Don’t miss the Panorama Gallery for very large (over 48″ wide), high definition black and white (and color) panoramas.

Classic Black and White Photography Collector’s Portfolio

Own an 11×14 certified collector portfolio containing a selection of nine (9) original chromogenic prints from the Classic Black and White Fine Art Photography gallery. Learn about Collector Portfolios [click here].


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