Galapagos Islands

There are many misconceptions about the Galapagos islands. The most common misconception is that the islands are prehistoric because Darwin developed his theory of evolution and natural selection while studying in the Galapagos. Interestingly, the islands are relatively young and formed by volcanic action of the earth’s plates moving easterly over a hot spot that creates new islands as older ones drift east. What makes these islands so unique is the abundance of wildlife adapted to a harsh environment. There is no source of fresh water and many human endeavors in the Galapagos have failed due to the inability to grow food and find fresh drinking water. Admission to the area is tightly regulated. As a result of careful environmental management and limited tourism, the animals have no fear of humans and some, especially sea lions, will playfully interact with the visitors. The density of wildlife guarantees that you will have close contact with the wildlife. Having a 100mm – 400mm zoom lens gave me the opportunity to make some beautiful animal portraits.

The photos in this slideshow only show the land excursions. I did not have an underwater camera though I wish I did because the marine life is as extraordinary as the terrestrial life. I hope you enjoy the pictures. View them in full screen at high resolution if you have a good Internet connection.