Just Published: Orient Expression

Ten months in the making, Orient Expression is now available on Blurb. This 110 page 12×12 coffee table book has just been published. Pick up your copy now before it is sold on Amazon at a higher price (to cover marketing fees). A collector’s edition produced on premium paper with a lay-flat binding is in the works and will be available exclusively from the artist as a signed, limited edition production. Contact Sam to pre-order your signed and personalized copy.

About Orient Expression

This book presents a personal expression of my journey to four nations in southeast Asia generally known as Indochina; a land with a long history whose people have faced brutal wars and invading armies for generations.

As a teenager, I grew up dreading the day I would be drafted and called to fight a bloody battle against Chinese communists in a distant land. I was not a killer. I did not believe in the war. I was prepared to leave my Florida home and flee to Canada where I could avoid what I perceived would be certain and horrific death. To my great relief, the draft was repealed just as I was turning 18 and the Vietnam war ended. Deep rooted fears of being killed in Vietnam, augmented by media and films such as “Apocalypse Now”, had framed my perception of Indochina. Other than in my nightmares, I never imagined I would visit Indochina, never mind go to Vietnam. Forty years had passed since the Vietnam War. I began to see travel brochures of mystical ruins and indigenous people from Indochina. My fears faded and my curiosity grew. I decided to go… as a tourist.

This is my story of a discovered culture told with photographs of colorful landscapes, ancient ruins, Buddhist monks, ethnic tribes, and rural village people blended together with a glimpse at modern life. In addition to iconic photography, this book is packed with contextual information about the places I visited as well as tips for the traveling photographer. I hope you’ll enjoy this pictorial journey through Indochina as I expose you to its rich culture, amazing artifacts, and touching portraits.

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Any image in the book may be ordered as a fine art, limited edition print. Contact me for current pricing and special orders.