Matt Dillon Takes Home the Grand Prize from Miami Art Week

Matt Dillon Takes Home the Grand Prize
Matt Dillon Takes Home the Grand Prize – Scotland: Faith and Fortitude, a black and white photography print collection by Sam Dobrow

Miami Art Week aka Art Basel Week has Concluded

In 2019, thousands of local and international guests came to Miami for one of Miami Art Week’s most anticipated events, Spectrum Miami. Complimentary wine by Louis Jadot and cocktails from Bulleit Bourbon kept the show festive while art appreciators and collectors browsed this year’s extensive exhibitions of contemporary fine art.

Miami Art Week ended but art shopping continues. Determined collectors made their purchases at the exhibitions while many others remain undecided but not deterred. Galleries and artists report as much as 20% of their sales occur between the close of art week and the week of Christmas. People can get overwhelmed viewing so much art. It takes a few days after the shows to digest the options before that beautiful work of art finds its way to the wall.

Lots of Winners

Miami Art Week is full of winners. The general public gets to view thousands of works of art from all around the world, by artists, both emerging and well established. The public wins with multi-cultural art education. Artists win from global exposure. Galleries win new international customers and prospects. And some participants win fine art. During the show many collectors signed up for a chance to win Sam Dobrow’s Scotland: Faith and Fortitude leoprello of black and white photography, but there could be only one winner. Matt Dillon of Miami took home the grand prize.

Matt, a collector of fine art, fell in love with the leporello of black and white photography. According to Matt, “I love every single photograph in the collection. The work is stunning. I can’t wait to share it with my wife and friends.” Sam Dobrow, who presented the leporello to Matt at his home, said “It is a pleasure to see my artwork in the home of a fan and collector. Art is to be seen. It is part of our lives. It separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. It gives meaning to our lives. I like to think that my art helps people find a moment of pause and peace… a place to escape to and relax. I’m very glad to see Matt find such excitement in my work.”

Surreality Collection and Mystic Series Acclaimed for Unique Constructs and Exciting Colors

Sam Dobrow’s Surreality Collection and Mystic Series were extremely well received at Miami Spectrum. The art critics gave Sam’s surrealistic photography a strong reception and applauded his use of color to create exciting, uplifting moods. His images of South Beach “are like none other with their melting architecture, neon color, and whimsical people”. The Mystic series presents surreal feminine beauty as a central focus within a “fantasy world of castles, deep space, and mystical places” which feel other worldly, yet familiar. These works of art are limited editions printed on metallic paper then sandwiched between optical grade acrylic glass and Sintra (PVC) backing. The large pieces are limited to 15 units. The medium sizes are limited to 20 units. The smaller works are limited to 25 units. Each print is signed before being face mounted to the acrylic glass and is accompanied with a signed and serialized Certificate of Authenticity.

Its the Season for Gifting

Miami Art Week kicked off the art shopping season. Perhaps you have finished your shopping for everyone else and now its time for you. Go ahead! You deserve it! Make your purchase and have it installed before the holiday guests arrive. Time is running out to get delivery before Christmas Eve and the eight nights of Hanukah. Contact Sam Dobrow for an expedited delivery.