The Narcissist aka Donald the Flatulent

The entire world appears to be swirling around the fireball in chaos. It seems that there is nothing that can plunge the flaming ball of fire into the reflecting pond except for the Donald himself. The story leaves us frustrated but hoping Donald sees himself and drowns in the water as did Narcissus in Greek mythology.

SYMBOLISM: This scene was shot in the gardens of Versailles. French gardens are known for their symmetry. The pond at the center of this garden is the center of attention which makes it perfect to depict something needing complete and total focus on oneself – a narcissist. The gardens are rich with sculptures depicting Greek and Roman mythological figures further making it a relevant setting for telling a story of mythological origins. Versailles, like Donald Trump, is a symbol of extreme greed. Greed which eventually led to the overthrow and the beheading of many in the French royal court. The Donald’s head is encased in a ball of flaming gas symbolizing his putrid speech which bellows out like sulfurous flatulence fouling the world and reverberating chaos. The birds are blue footed boobies symbolizing the assaulted women sucked into his sphere of influence. Donald Trump, thinking he is royalty is given a title suitable for his nobility, “Donald the Flatulent”. The word “flatulent” has two meanings which are equally relevant to the title. Flatulent is generally associated with digestive gas expelled through the anus but also refers to a person who brags about them self in a pretentious and inflated manner.

Art reflects the history of the times. These days shall be remembered as the reign of evil called Trump. This work of art speaks to the times we live. It belongs in the Smithsonian as the official presidential portrait of “Donald the Flatulent”.