New Collector Portfolios On Sale Through October 31

Just Announced for Atlanta Celebrates Photography

Sam Dobrow has conducted several artist talks for ACP where he discusses his fine art photography portfolios. As a result of strong interest in several of the portfolios, Sam is releasing a new format for photography collectors. Many photography collectors purchase original print collections in boxed sets. These boxed sets are great for storage but not so great for exhibition leaving most collectors with the challenge of framing and finding ample wall space for a collection. Sam has met the challenge by offering fine art chromogenic prints (C-prints) in a portfolio binder so the art work can be properly protected and stored as well as shared and displayed by the collector.

Original Signed Chromogenic Prints in Portfolio Binder

For photography collectors the only thing better than an original signed print is a collection of original signed prints. Sam Dobrow is offering portfolio collections of certified original chromogenic prints to collectors in a professional Pina Zangaro Vista Screwpost binder. Each image is scaled to fit within a 1.5 inch margin on an 11×14 piece of photographic paper. Each print is signed, serialized, bound and presented in a Pina Zangaro crystal clear archival sleeve.

Certificate of Authenticity

Sam Dobrow’s Collector Portfolios are designed with the art collector in mind. Each portfolio contains a collection of at least ten (10) original chromogenic prints signed by Sam Dobrow. All of Sam Dobrow’s original works of art have a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with a unique serial number. As an individual element of a cohesive portfolio, each print is signed with the handwritten serial number of the portfolio next to the signature. Each print in the collection is listed on the COA.


Portfolios are priced based on the number of prints. The base price for an 11″ x 14″ portfolio is $150 which includes the Pina Zangaro Vista Screwpost binder. There is a minimum of ten (10) prints in a portfolio. Each print is $50 in addition to the base price. Therefore a ten (10) print portfolio would cost $650 ($150 base price plus $500 for the 10 prints in archival sleeves). A twenty (20) print portfolio would cost $1150 ($150 base price plus $1000 for the 20 prints in archival sleeves). Any gallery on the website can be ordered as a Collector Portfolio. Galleries with more than 15 prints may be ordered as a custom portfolio where the collector specifies which prints are to be included in the portfolio.

Purchase A Collector’s Portfolio

Collector’s Portfolios may be purchased on the individual gallery pages. During the month of October while Atlanta Celebrates Photography Sam is offering a 10% discount. Use the code ACP10 at checkout (ends October 31). Shop now to avoid the holiday rush.