New Release: Avalon Corner (14×21)

Avalon Corner 14x21
Avalon Corner 14″ x21″

“Avalon Corner” is a surrealistic look at South Beach. The original photograph was taken during Art Deco Weekend one of the rare events when Ocean Drive is closed to vehicular traffic. It is intended to be playful and entertaining in a similar vein to Dr Suess or Alice in Wonderland. Its the way I imagine South Beach looks to many tourists who stay up all night partying at the clubs.

The surrealistic style of this image was influenced by Salvador Dali. The vivid colors, starry sky, and textures were influenced by Vincent Van Gogh.

Avalon Corner is printed on metallic paper with archival inks then face mounted on optical quality 1/4 inch acrylic. This application provides a modern looking presentation in a durable format with a wide gamut of color and strong contrast.