New Release: Sleeper Cell (20×30)

Sleeper Cell (20x30)
Sleeper Cell (20×30)

Sleeper Cell takes us to an destination on Oceana Drive where “sleeper droids” are glued to their transponders while awaiting instruction from their extraterrestrial handlers. Sleeper Cell captures the energy of Miami’s South Beach Art Deco district with a dreamy surrealism feeling and beautiful warm color tones (green and gold). Sleeper Cell is the latest addition to the South Beach Surreality collection. It is finished as a 20×30 limited edition print on metallic paper, face mounted to optical grade acrylic. Sleeper Cell may be purchased in the Surreality Art Gallery

Factoid: The original photograph was a 20 second exposure intended to blur human movement and capture the setting in crisp detail. Several people were moving around and interacting giving the image life as intended; but something unusual also occurred. When I began processing the image, I realized three people in the setting had sat perfectly still for 20 seconds while staring into their cell phones. It struck me as how odd it was to be dining in this beautiful setting and being totally removed from their surroundings. These people are the sleepers. They are totally mesmerized by their electronic devices as the world passes by. They are the inspiration for the droids who are waiting for further instruction as the invasion begins.