New Release: “Song of the Sirens” (14×21)

Song of the Sirens (14x21)

Steeped in Greek mythology, “Song of the Sirens” is a mystical exploit of beauty from the fashion world into the surreal. In Greek mythology, Sirens are beautiful, seductive muses who lure sailors to their death with their song. This stairway to the heavens is symbolic of the sailor’s journey to another world. The liquid vision of his world might be the final hallucination of a drowning sailor who followed these muses to shipwreck on the rocks. Keeping with my theme of “We are not Alone” these two muses are seductively inviting the seaside sailor to follow them up the stairs to an extra-terrestrial encounter.

Song of the Sirens presents my fusion of fashion photography with surrealism in the spirit of Salvador Dali and the influence of Vincent van Gogh’s starry skies and saturated colors. The limited edition 14″ x 21″ print is available as an archival quality, metallic print face-mounted on optical grade 1/4 inch acrylic, complete with a hanging system (unframed).