Poster of the Month Program

Limited edition 24″ x 36″ fine art poster shown in economical ($19.99) Ribba frame by Ikea.

Announcing Poster of the Month Program

I’m making limited editions of my high quality art affordable. The posters will be high quality giclee prints using photographic papers and archival inks. The posters will only be available to order during the promotion and only the number of posters ordered will be produced. Your prints will be shipped in mail tubes at the end of the promotion period. Once the promotion is over the posters will only be available for purchase on the secondary market. What that means to you is that you will receive a limited edition print at a very reasonable price. You won’t be paying gallery commissions, expensive framing, and bulky shipping costs.

Collecting Fine Art Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Everyone loves art. It makes our lives brighter and allows us to express our individuality. Collecting art can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. That’s what the Poster of the Month (POM) promotion is all about. I’ve looked at factors affecting the cost to produce art and have made certain decisions to reduce costs of producing, selling, framing and owning my photographic art so I can pass the savings along to you:

  • High quality, poster-size prints can be economically produced in standard sizes.
  • Economical poster frames are very affordable and easy to hang.
  • Shopping my website allows you to get a discount of 50% – 75% for sales commission normally paid to galleries.
  • The time-limited promotion gives you a better investment with a sold-out, limited-edition print.
  • Printing only what is purchased eliminates the cost of storage and inventory.
  • Unframed poster prints greatly reduce shipping costs and damage.

All the posters will be printed at a standard 24×36 size to fit easily into pre-made frames like the economical Ikea Ribba frame shown here. Each poster will be affordably priced at $250 including shipping. Stay tuned, our first poster will be announced shortly!

Consistent sizing makes hanging a collection easy.