Sam Dobrow Exhibits Fine Art Collections in Paris

The “Phantasm” is a surreal, ghostly character seemingly in another world. That world is timeless and without place. The structured frame serves as the window where we peer from our universe into this unworldly world. We are drawn into a cosmic disturbance where a sensual form intermittently takes shape and fades away. She seems distant, unaware and untouchable. Sometimes she seems to be reaching out for help with a wanton desire to touch and be touched. Sometimes she seems to know we are watching but never acknowledges our presence. The erotic loneliness is maddening, foreboding, and yet captivating.

The Phantasm collection speaks to the strange ways humans interact with each other when separated by distance but joined by technology. It’s about people who live inside an electronic box and take form with electrons swirling around in a vacuum. Its about the madness of making contact through the window of glass. The paranormal world of this encounter is augmented by our zest for anonymous sex via computers and the Internet. These fantasy encounters are attractive because they are safe. They require no commitments, no physical contact, and no uncomfortable courting. It is about the laws of attraction, flirting, dominance, submission, exhibitionism, and voyeurism.

Images in the Phantasm Collection create an mysterious illusion through creative studio photography and very light digital manipulation. The subjects are photographed through a semi-translucent material before being toned with color and texture abstractions to create the alluring mood of each image.

Images curated for the Artitude exhibition are produced on metallic paper, matted and framed using archival materials and methods.

Surreality Collection

Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, FR
Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

Works from the Surreality Collection will be exhibited October 22-23 at the art fair in the famous Carrousel du Louvre mall (99, rue de Rivoli 75001 PARIS) beneath the iconic glass pyramid entrance to the Louvre Museum. Touting over 27,000 visitors to the art fair in 2015, this two day event draws an exclusive international clientele of art collectors and art enthusiasts.

The Surreality Collection is a body of work influenced by the surreal style of Salvador Dali’s melting landscapes. Additionally, the saturated color pallet and dreamy skies of Vincent Van Gogh’s post impressionist paintings play an important role in creating these fantasy places. Sam’s passion for science fiction and science of the universe join with his imagination to create images of possible worlds and parallel universes where life may exist similar to our earthly existence.

All the images begin with photographs which are then digitally manipulated to create the fantasy and inspiration.

Images curated for the Louvre exhibit are specially sized 24″ x 36 inch productions infused into aluminum, backed by sintra for stability, and framed with a float frame. The aluminum prints are extremely durable, scratch resistant, and museum quality productions.

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About Sam Dobrow

Sam Dobrow is a contemporary photographic artist who lives and works in the artist village of Coconut Grove, Florida. In the digital darkroom, Sam continues to test the boundaries of photography. All of his artwork begins in the camera and evolves into images with intensely beautiful constructs amplified by his emotions and perceptions of the world and its inhabitants. Whether it is a street scene, portrait or figurative works, Sam captures beauty by presenting subjects shaped by light, framed by strong graphical elements, and emotionally supercharged by the thoughtful choice of color. According to Sam, the art of photography begins with a feeling, followed by seeing through the camera with anticipation, and ultimately developing an image that speaks to that feeling. Sam’s artwork is represented and exhibited nationally and internationally.