Sam Dobrow’s Exhibit Opens at Kcüll Artist Collective at Coconut Village in Coconut Grove

As an artist living in Coconut Grove, I am honored to exhibit my surreal photographic art with Kcüll (pronounced “cool”). After Jennifer Noll, founder of the Kcüll Artist Collective, invited me to participate in her rotating exhibit of local artists, we selected six works from the Oceana Series of my Surreality Collection. The exhibit opens today and lasts through early March.

The Oceana Series

Versace Dreams (20x30)
The Oceana Series depicts South Beach’s Ocean Drive as an altered reality. Because the beautiful art deco buildings were photographed at night when there was no traffic, the beauty of the neon lights and absence of automobiles imparts a timeless feeling. Upon my return to the digital darkroom, I took the reality of South Beach into another dimension by pulling, melting and stretching the the scenes to portray a surreal world. My transformation of the hard geometric architecture into liquid organic shapes brings the scene to life.

If you’d like to see more of this work, Jennifer can arrange a showing of other works from the collection by appointment. Stop by, introduce yourself to Jennifer, and look around the shops. I’m sure you’ll find something you want to take home.

What’s Kcüll

Coconut Grove Visitors Center

Since 2006, Kcüll has provided a friendly retail and online space for artists to connect with art collectors. Kcüll is located in the heart of Coconut Grove, inside the Coconut Village shopping center at 2982 Grand Avenue. You can visit Kcüll daily from 11:00 AM to 6:30 PM. For a really fun Sunday, bring the family and join the creative community for a sidewalk festival featuring live music and food vendors.

The Renovated Cocowalk is Now Open

During the past year, downtown Coconut Grove has been transformed into an upscale retail and business center. Just around the corner from Kcüll, Cocowalk reopened with new restaurants and retail shops creating a destination experience. If you haven’t visited Coconut Grove recently you’re in for a surprise. Come enjoy Miami’s amazing weather. Walk around, explore the new Coconut Grove and of course, drop in to see the Oceana works on display at Kcüll. You can’t miss it, its on the left wall as you enter. Its next to the coffee shop and the Coconut Grove Visitor Information Center.