Versace Dreams Lands A New Home

Sam Dobrow’s Oceana Collection featured as “Must See” at Superfine! Art Fair in South Florida Luxury Guide magazine.

Must See Artwork Becomes Must Have Artwork

With Art Basel Miami approaching, Jonathan and his wife found themselves perusing the winter edition of South Florida Luxury Guide in search of the best art fairs to attend when one piece of art caught their attention. That piece of art was “Versace Dreams by Sam Dobrow” featured from the “Must See” Oceana Collection exhibited at Superfine! Art Fair. Unfortunately, Jonathan was not able to make it to South Beach during Miami Art Week but that image of Versace Dreams kept calling him. After the Fair ended, Jonathan visited Sam Dobrow’s website where he was able to get a good look at the entire Oceana Collection.

Jonathan and his wife were attracted to the uniqueness of Sam’s surreal photography of Ocean Drive and chose five pieces that they wanted to see. They reached out to Sam from the Contact Page on the website. Although Parkland was an hour drive from Coconut Grove, Sam volunteered to bring the five pieces to their home so Jonathan could see each of them in the spot where he wanted to hang one. After about an hour, Jonathan and his wife decided on Versace Dreams, the original piece that caught their eye in the magazine. The “must see” turned into a “must have” for their holidays and Sam proceeded to hang the artwork for the family.

Hanging Artwork The Right Way

Many people don’t understand there is a “proper” height to hang artwork. Some people try to hang artwork to align the top or bottom with a door or window opening, but that’s not the most pleasing to the eye. Although its not a hard and fast rule, the center line of the artwork is usually hung at eye level or approximately 58″ – 64″ from the floor. Its most important to establish a centerline for the room when there are several pieces of art of different sizes. When very large pieces are involved with furniture, such as a couch on the same wall, the height may need to be adjusted. Its best to place furniture and hang the largest pieces in the room first to establish the appropriate centerline.

Hanging the artwork also requires some tools. Its important to have an electronic stud finder to avoid putting nails into steel studs and it seems there is always a stud where you don’t want it. The other indispensable tool is a laser level to get the picture level and to shoot the centerline around the room.

Sam says, “Its a real joy to hang my artwork on the wall of a client’s home or office. I get to share their enthusiasm as it finds a new home. I guess it reminds me of the day I bring a puppy home from the pound and see how happy it is to have a loving family.”

If you’re in the market for art, take your own tour of the galleries on Sam’s website [here]. If you’re in the Miami area, Sam can deliver and hang the artwork for you, many times within a day or two.