Walk of the Donan featured at CONTRIVE

Walk of the Donan (30×45)

The Exhibit

Walk of the Donan, a surreal work of photographic art by Sam Dobrow, has been curated for exhibition at CONTRIVE. Contrive is a nationally juried exhibition of photo manipulation and surreal photographic art. The exhibition is open to all photography that involves transforming or altering a photograph using either digital or physical methods, such as long or double exposures, compositing, or digital software as well as photography that is surreal in content. CONTRIVE is hosted by d’Art Center located in the NEON District of Norfolk, VA. The exhibition is open to artists living in the United States. It shall be juried by Amanda Bradley, d’Art Center’s Communications, Marketing, and Gallery Manager.

Where: d’Art Center, 740 Duke St, Norfolk, VA 23510
When: Saturday, September 14th 2019 – Tuesday, October 8th
Reception: Thursday, September 19th 2019, 5:30-7:30pm
Admission is free.

The Artwork

Walk of the Donan is one of several works of art from Sam Dobrow’s Zeutropia series. In this work of art, a mystical castle appears haunted by sprites as a suspicious figure approaches. Shrouded in fog with muted earth tones, the mood marries whimsy and mystery.

The Body of Work

The Zeutropia series is an evolving body of work imagined from Sam Dobrow’s photographs of historic places in Scotland, Portugal, and France. Colors and textures evoke moods reminiscent of the historical story from each location. Zeutropia is one of several series from Sam Dobrow’s larger body of work known as the Surreality Collection. The Surreality Collection embodies Sam Dobrow’s passion for science fiction and the vast unknowns of the universe. His surreal works explode from his imagination to create images of possible worlds and parallel universes where life may exist in contrast with our earthly existence.

The Inspiration

Sam Dobrow has always admired the paintings of Salvador Dali and Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh’s ability to render moods with his use of color and texture inspired Sam to push the limits of traditional photography into a painterly realm. Dali’s surreal “melted” landscapes motivated Sam to create photo manipulations for the Surreality Collection. All the works in the Surreality Collection begin with a photograph that is melted into a hallucinogenic vision, digitally augmented, and “colored” to create a magical mood.

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