We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone (30x45)

Price: $4489

We Are Not Alone: The Seed of Surreality

We Are Not Alone is an amazing and engaging work of surreal art. This piece is extremely significant in my portfolio because it is the seed that spawned the entire Surreality Collection. It all started back when I took my daughter Jordan on a trip from Paris to Marrakesh for her high school graduation. While in Morocco, I came upon this wall with distresses plaster. It struck me as something out of a Dali painting. So I walked around it several times and finally settled on this angle with the distressed plaster in the foreground and a hint of Morocco in the background.

Influences of Dali and Van Gogh

When I returned home and started to process the image, it felt weak. There was something that just didn’t scream Dali, at least not as I perceived it when I made the photo. So I began to bump up the color and contrast. That helped but still something felt missing. At this point, I decided to reach out of the frame of photography and venture deeply into digital manipulation. Inside Photoshop, I began to melt the wall and abstract the background. I swirled the skies like Vincent Van Gogh and added stars. What emerged was a vision of an alternative reality.

Science or Sci-Fi

I began to think about the possibilities of life in distant worlds that might look something like this vision. I decided to create a theme which would weave its way into many future works. I discretely placed stars in places that they don’t belong; inside caves, inside buildings, in the foreground, and other unusual places. Those misplaced stars symbolize alien life forms living among us. The stars in the sky coming to earth to visit and walk among us became the central them of the Surreality Collection. This piece of art is called We Are Not Alone because it represents the beginning of realization that we are not alone in the universe.

Archival Materials

We Are Not Alone will be displayed at Spectrum as a cornerstone work of art. It is a 30″ x 45″ limited edition giclee print on metallic paper which is inspected and hand signed before being face mounted to acrylic glass. The the print is sealed with a sheet of Sintra (PVC) adhered to the back of the print. A stand-off hanging system is glued to the sintra to make for a contemporary presentation. A black float frame is suggested for a more formal or high-end luxury setting.

Special Offer

Visit the Zeutropia Gallery to purchase We Are Not Alone for $4489 (unframed). Inquire for framing options and larger sizes. Make a minimum purchase of $1950 before Spectrum Miami’s opening night (6 PM) December 4, 2019 and receive a signed copy of my photo book, “Orient Expression”. If you live in the Miami area, inquire about free delivery and installation before Christmas Day.

Be My Guest at Spectrum Miami

Request complimentary tickets to Spectrum Miami and see my exhibit at Booth #S616. I’ll hold a drawing for a special work of art but you have to visit my booth to participate.