A Game of Other-Worldly Thrones

See Sam Dobrow’s Walk of the Donan at Spectrum Miami 2019.
Price: $4489

Walk of the Donan

Walk of the Donan is a surreal depiction of Eilean Donan Castle which sits on a small island at the confluence of three large lochs (lakes). Eilean Donan is one of the most iconic castles in Scotland. It is located in northwest Scotland on the road to Skye, just a few miles before the bridge to the Isle of Skye. Although its history dates back to the 6th century, the first fortified castle was built on the site in the mid 15th century. The castle has been fully restored both inside and outside.

Walk of the Donan is one of several works of art from Sam Dobrow’s Zeutropia series. In this work of art, a mystical castle appears inhabited by sprites as a suspicious figure approaches. Shrouded in fog with muted earth tones, the mood marries whimsy and mystery. Like other works in the Surreality Collection, Walk of the Donan imagines a dreamlike parallel world inhabited by Illuminati sprites which are seen floating around the castle. A human-like visitor (The Donan) walks toward the castle atop a long bridge which excites the sprites and energizes a large guardian sprite on the castle lawn. It is left up to our imagination as to what kind of business the visitor brings to the castle and what game awaits him inside when he addresses the throne.

Walk of the Donan is back from the curated Contrive exhibit of surreal art in Norfolk, VA and will be displayed at Spectrum as a cornerstone work of art.

Science or Sci-Fi

The Surreality Collection spurs contemplation of other worlds. Worlds that may be similar to ours but yet very different. As I began to think about the possibilities of life in distant worlds, I decided to create a theme for the Surreality Collection which would weave its way into many future works. I discretely placed stars in places that they don’t belong; inside caves, inside buildings, in the foreground, and other unusual places. Those misplaced stars symbolize alien life forms living among us. The stars in the sky coming to earth to visit and walk among us became the unifying theme of the Surreality Collection.

Archival Materials

Walk of the Donan is a 30″ x 45″ limited edition giclee print on metallic paper which is inspected and hand signed before being face mounted to acrylic glass. The the print is sealed with a sheet of Sintra (PVC) adhered to the back of the print. A stand-off hanging system is glued to the Sintra to make for a contemporary or minimalist presentation. A black float frame is suggested for a more formal or high-end luxury setting.

Special Offer

Visit the Zeutropia Gallery to purchase Walk of the Donan for $4489 (unframed). Inquire for framing options and larger sizes. Make a minimum purchase of $1950 before Spectrum Miami’s opening night (6 PM) December 4, 2019 and receive a signed copy of my photo book, “Orient Expression”. If you live in the Miami area, inquire about free delivery and installation before Christmas.

Be My Guest at Spectrum Miami

While they last, Request complimentary tickets to Spectrum Miami and see my exhibit at Booth #S616. I’ll hold a drawing for a special work of art but you have to visit my booth and register.