ACP Artist Talk – Scotland: Faith and Fortitude

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Original Broadcast: Oct 14 at 3PM

This video is an edited version of the live broadcast from October 14.

Sam Dobrow’s portfolio, “Scotland, Faith and Fortitude”, presents his finest black and white landscape photography. The setting is the Isle of Skye and Scottish Highlands. Looking at these images of a vast, virtually undeveloped landscape, the viewer is taken back to the time when Vikings came to conquer the land.

This collection pays homage to the classic black and white photographers who practiced Ansel Adam’s zone system. Dobrow takes the beauty of black and white photography one step further by creating large format high resolution images. Using a 50MP camera, Dobrow stitches numerous images together in dramatic panoramas. These panoramas catch the eye from a hundred feet away and draw the viewer in for a closer look. As viewers gets closer, they are surrounded by a scene that evolves with increasing detail. Join Dobrow as he discusses the photos in this portfolio and gives participants a close up look at some of the details that could otherwise only be seen at an exhibition.

Atlanta Celebrates Photography

As a participant in the Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP) festival, Sam Dobrow is holding virtual artist talks throughout the month of October, every Wednesday and Saturday at 3PM. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel to watch these talks live or replay at a more convenient time.

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