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Color Management Mistakes to Avoid

Why is Color Management IMportant? In the digital world getting a photo (or any artwork) from source to destination is a challenge because colors are represented by numbers but each device handles those numbers differently. The challenge increases when you want a specific color on your screen or print. I’ll try to keep this from […]

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Breaking All The Rules

Photography was once seen as something to be mastered in its purity very much the way pre-impressionist painting was to be mastered to present a perfect rendition of realism. Ansel Adams was revered as the master of photography and his zone system became a standard to measure the perfection of black and white prints. While […]

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Seeing What Could Be

You’ve heard the saying “seeing is believing” and that is one reason why purists constrain the creativity of photographers. They think they are preserving the “truth”. The biggest truth in photography is that you and your subject were there and even that can be misleading. The fact is that there is little truth in photography. […]

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