New Project: At Home – Living Through the Pandemic

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Video: Sam Dobrow introduces his next project.

Sam’s new project is a fine art photobook about people living through the pandemic. Sam shares the story behind a photo he made as a student when he was 20 years old attending the University of Florida and how it became the inspiration for this project.

Sam is seeking people living in South Florida to photograph in their home to depict a very personal and intimate expression of their feelings during confinement due to the pandemic. Sam seeks people of all walks of life, any adult 18+, all races, nationalities, genders. You will be asked to pose in your home doing something that has become a large part of your pandemic life. Participants will be given an 11×14 format fine art chromogenic print signed by the artist as compensation for their participation with a full model release.

People interested in being photographed for this project should contact Sam directly to discuss the details of the project.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for this new project came after Sam began restoration of this print which triggered memories of feeling isolated, financially vulnerable, and detached from normal life.

$2385 Pathos – At Home (24×30)