Just Released: Solstacia

Solstacia (30x60) - samdobrow - fine art - photography
Solstacia (30×60)

Solstacia is that bright tropical place we all want to be during the Winter Solstice. On the shortest day of the year most people are feeling a bit under the weather but in Miami Beach the sun is out and people are merry. This image is my interpretation of the the Winter Solstice in Miami. Its bright, colorful and sunny. This surreal art work evolved from a photograph made on one of Miami’s shortest days. It is a large panorama with lots of detail that gets transformed into a surreal world. Solstacia is an altered reality, a parallel universe, existing alongside our world. Solstacia is a surreal view of Miami Beach’s most prestigious neighborhood walk along the government cut canal South of Fifth street.

Solstacia is a large (20×30) wall piece offered on two different mediums:

  • Acrylic – Archival inks printed on metallic paper and face mounted to optical grade acrylic
  • Metal – Archival inks infused into a white faced sheet of aluminum. Suitable for high humidity locations.