New Store Front, New Artwork, New Coupon

The store is presented as a gallery not a shopping mall so prices are not displayed in the gallery. If you want to see the price, add it to your cart then go to the cart to view the price along with other costs such as packing and shipping. Its easy to remove items from the Cart so feel free to add as many as you like for comparison. Be sure to use the coupon code NEWYEARS10 to get 10% off regular price and qualify for free shipping in the USA. Coupon expires January 31, 2017.

Quiet Moments of Awe (34x90)
Quiet Moments of Awe (34×90) from the Faith and Fortitude Collection
The Faith and Fortitude Leporello is still 50% off. There are only 19 units remaining. This is a very small edition and no additional units will be produced. Coupon does not apply to the Faith and Fortitude Leporello or other already discounted “on sale” items.

Solstacia (30x60) - samdobrow - fine art - photographyJust released “Solstacia” is a bright colorful panorama in the Surreality Collection. Own it to brighten up your winter doldrums.

Happy New Year to all!