NYC Exhibition at Grimandi Art Gallery

Grimandi Art Gallery - Legacy Exhibition

Grimandi Art Gallery Exhibit

Grimandi Art Gallery located at 988 Columbus Avenue in Manhattan has selected three new works of art from Sam Dobrow’s Mystic Series for their Legacy Exhibition November 1-30, 2023.

Sam Dobrow and Grimandi Art Gallery invite you to the opening reception of “Legacy” – a celebration of artists sharing unique perspectives and embracing their identities. Witness the power of art and the legacy it creates!

The exhibition features a diverse group of top contemporary artists, each showcasing their individuality through their art. Legacy is a fascinating exploration of how art allows us to express ourselves.

Join us and explore the powerful influence of legacy in the art world and discover how it has shaped the works on display. Opening Reception 7-9 PM, November 10, 2023.

Cognitive Dissonance by Sam Dobrow Submission to Metallisa (20x30) protectorate of humanity by sam dobrow

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