Sam Dobrow Receives Two New Awards for Recent Artwork

Biafarin Network

I’ve submitted new works to several curated exhibits on the Biafarin network and received two additional selections for the exhibits.

Protectorate of Humanity Curated for Spirituality Exhibition

Protectorate of Humanity curated for Spirituality Exhibition.

In addition to being curated for the Spirituality Collection, Protectorate of Humanity has been curated for the Legacy Exhibit at the Grimandi Art Gallery in Manhattan from November 1-30. Gallerium organized, curated, promoted and published the Spirituality call for art below:

Gallerium is pleased to invite you to apply to Spirituality 2023, a dual exhibition and publication to awaken the spiritual dimensions of art.

Spirituality and religion may seem hard to tell apart; however, there are firm differences. Spirituality is a broad concept that includes various perspectives, including religious ones.

Psychology and neuroscience consider spiritual experiences as the brain state in higher consciousness that is accessible to all, regardless of being religious or not. In general, Spirituality is a sense of connectedness to something bigger than ourselves and a holistic perspective for bringing meaning and purpose to life and living in peace together.

In visual arts, Spirituality explores the deeper dimensions of human existence, seeking to connect with the universe and explore existential questions. Through symbolism, abstraction, and contemplative aesthetics, spiritual artworks evoke a sense of awe, introspection, and inner transformation.

Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Vincent van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, Wassily Kandinsky, Yayoi Kusama, Anish Kapoor, Marina Abramovic, and many other artists have spoken of art as a gateway to the spiritual realm and felt the channeling energy and connectedness to divine through art. They sought to express the inexpressible, unveil the mysteries of the cosmos, and capture the invisible threads that connect us to the universe.

The submitted artworks can visualize spirituality in many ways. They may capture the serenity of a place of worship or peaceful landscape, delve into spiritual states and poses, depict portraits of gurus and leaders, demonstrate the magnificence of rituals and costumes, display sacred books and texts, explore a journey to self-discovery, encompass spiritual dreams, signs, and symbols, or express Spirituality in modern life.

Night Sky in Zion II curated for Exhibizone Grand Prize

Night Sky in Zion II curated for international exhibit Exhibizone Grand Prize

Exhibizone organized, curated, and promoted the Exhibizone Grand Prize call for art (below). Night Sky in Zion II is a finalist in the competition.

Exhibizone, the house of smart online exhibitions, delightfully presents Exhibizone annual Grand Prize 2023.

In the spirit of empowering visual artists to showcase their prominent arts worldwide and boost their global exposure, Exhibizone Grand Prize (EGP), with more than CAD 5,000 in value of cash prizes and awards, provides a unique opportunity for all artists.

All artists working in any medium worldwide are invited to win cash prizes, boost their art career, showcase their art, and get published globally.

Organizing over 200 international solo and group exhibitions and attracting more than 6 million art enthusiasts globally, Exhibizone has now become a well-known figure in the art world.

For EGP 2023, we are celebrating the vast range of artistic expressions and the power of individuality. Unleash your imagination and explore any subject matter that resonates with you, without any thematic restrictions.

Along with cash prizes, Exhibizone Annual Grand Prize offers an international online group exhibition for selected artists. All showcased artworks will be published in a colorful, stylish exhibition catalogue. In addition, EGP provides a digital certificate, lifelong artist profile page, exhibition news circulation, online promotion, social media badges, visitors’ comments and ratings, exhibition progress reports, statistics, and insights.