Sam Dobrow Debuts NFT Art at World Art Dubai

Sam Dobrow debuts NFT art at World Art Dubai


Sam Dobrow’s camera-based digital art has taken on a new dimension through animation and NFT certified ownership. In conjunction with Saphira and Ventura Gallery from New York City, Sam Dobrow is debuting four works of digital art based on individual printed works from his Surreality Collection. Sam has selected four works from the Oceans Series to animate for exhibition on high definition digital canvases for World Art Dubai. Sam Dobrow will be creating many more animated NFTs from his extensive collection. NFT collectors have a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor debut of Dobrow’s work at World Art Dubai.

Dobrow’s surreal art prints already had a sense of motion and a “trippy” feel. With animation, they really come alive. In addition to boldly animated foreground elements that grab your attention, subtle animations of background elements keep your eye exploring the image to discover new points of interest.

The growing popularity of NFT art has created new venues for art enthusiasts and collectors to own and exhibit digital art. The once overlooked genre of digital art has grown popular because of the NFT and digital canvas. NFT’s prevent the theft and counterfeit of original art with a certificate of authenticity and proof of ownership forever embedded in the blockchain. Learn more about NFT art [here] and [here].

Digital canvas devices are allowing art enthusiasts to become art collectors. Even people with small apartments can exhibit their fine art collection on a single device that occupies the same space as one work of art.

The flexibility of a digital canvas allows the art connoisseur to create playlists. Its just as easy to exhibit an art collection as it is to change your music. In addition to displaying your own art collection, a digital canvas offers subscribers access to the world’s most prestigious museum art collections.

I see digital art as the future of art collecting. It’s just starting to get traction. Now is a great time to start.

-Sam Dobrow

Low resolution previews of Sam Dobrow’s NFT art being offered for sale in Dubai can be viewed on YouTube:

Park Central Gangsta NFT
Moon Colony NFT
Sleeper Cell NFT
McAlpine Rendition NFT