Sam Dobrow Exhibits NFT Art at World Art Dubai


Sam Dobrow will debut two NFT versions of the Oceana Collection at the Dubai World Trade Centre for World Art Dubai March 16-19, 2022. The NFTs are not just digital versions of the original series, they are new artworks enabled by digital technology. The digital canvas gives the artist new ways to exhibit his art and the NFT offers collectors the security of ownership.

Sam has animated his surreal vision of Miami Beach’s Ocean Drive and elevated it to a new platform. The Oceana series has always had a sense of motion captivating the viewer with a surreal underwater world. Now with animated effects the sense of motion in the print is amplified and energized giving it a new personality. Keeping with the spirit of the original works, Sam has painstakingly used animation tools to give motion to the actions he originally applied to transform the photograph. New animated overlays enhance the surreal visual effect and take us further into his imaginary world with powerful graphic elements that keep the eye moving around inside the frame.

Sam Dobrow’s art is being presented by Saphira and Ventura Gallery from New York City.

Park Central Gangsta NFT

Moon Colony NFT